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Ligature in Sticks

    Ligature in Sticks
Orthometric brings great news to the orthodontics’ market, a complete line of orthodontic elastics produced at our factory in Brazil with high quality standard and an excellent cost-benefit!
All polymers, pigments and additives used by Orthometric are for medical use. We select specific polymers that are more resistant to absorption and pigmentation, thus ensuring less color change and deformation during use.

• Packages containing 10 sticks (1,000 rings);
• Available in 30 vibrant and innovative colors;
• 2 assorted packs with different colors, including crystal colors;
• Esthetic Line - in addition to the traditional crystal color, the line has also the colors Pearl and Pearl Blue, widely used in esthetic treatments;
• They have excellent shape memory, color stability and are non-toxic, However, 
avoiding certain habits such as smoking and the consumption of beverages with dyes helps to avoid pigmentation of elastics.
• Easy, simple and safe to handle.

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