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Orthometric’s Passive Self-ligating Bracket!

Passive brackets are characterized by having a closing mechanism that does not come into contact with the wires, whether round or rectangular, when they are passive inside the slot (entrance angle = 0º). In this condition, the brackets present very low friction, excellent for sliding mechanics. In addition, the opening and closing mechanism of the Ultra-P passive brackets is easy to manipulate, just using an explorer. They provide a more precise wiring fit inside the slot, making it possible to increase the interval between appointments and to make the alignment and leveling phases more efficient, especially when used with thermoactivated wires. For better torque reading or when friction is required, the Ultra-P design allows the use of elastic ligatures, providing precise adjustments, especially in the final phase of orthodontic treatment.

• Easy-to-handle opening and closing mechanism (with the use of an explorer), with greater resistance to fatigue and mechanical deformation during the treatment;
• Design allows the use of elastic ligatures, providing precise adjustments especially in the final phase of the orthodontic treatment;
• Anatomical base is produced in a mesh with 80-microns-spacing, ensuring excellent retention;
• Rounded corners for comfort;
• Sold in a Kit with 1 Case + 1 Self-ligating Archwire Sequence containing 6 Upper and Lower pairs of different archwire models that can be used in the 4 phases of treatment.

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