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LEDX - T 2400 Light Curing

    LEDX - T 2400 Light CuringLEDX - T 2400 Light CuringLEDX - T 2400 Light CuringLEDX - T 2400 Light CuringLEDX - T 2400 Light Curing

Orthometric introduces the new LEDX - T 2400 Light Curing to the dental market.
The LEDX - T 2400 light curing is manufactured using LED technology.

The wavelength range is from 440 to 480nm and the light intensity reaches 2,200 at
2,400 mW / cm².

These characteristics make the device extremely versatile, attending with excellence all
orthodontics’ specialties; its high power allows a significant reduction of clinical time,
polymerizing composite increments in 3 seconds.

The device’s exclusive hi-tech software features 6 different Photoactivation options that meet all dental specialties, but it also stands out due to already incorporating the Ortho Fast
Function which allows orthodontists to polymerize, with only one activation, up to 10 brackets in 30 seconds.

Photoactivation options
• Low (500 - 600 mW/cm²)
• Ramp (400 - 1.000 mW/cm²)
• Standard (800 - 1.000 mW/cm²)  
• High (1.600 - 1.800 mW/cm²)
• Fast Ortho (1.600 - 1.800 mW/cm²)
• Turbo (2.200 - 2.400 mW/cm²)

• Decreases the curing time to 3 seconds;
• It counts with a base with built-in Radiometer, for verification of light intensity and quality control;
• Fast Ortho function that photopolymerizes 10 brackets in 30 seconds with just one activation;
• Turbo function (2,200 to 2,400 mW / cm²) for maximum efficiency n quality of polymerization and reduction of clinical time.
Recommendations: for specialties where the turbo function is frequently used, it is recommended to change the battery annually, due to the energy demand of this function;
• Continuous Photopolymerization without locking (Does not overheat);
• In addition to being very light, it wireless, making it easy to use;
• Sleep function - power saving mode after 5 minutes it turns off automatically;
• Ergonomic design that allows easy access to all restoration sites;
• Works with only 1 rechargeable battery, without having to be removed from the unit for charging;
• 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects (Requiring invoice presentation).

Design, security and greater quality control!

The turbo light probe is original fiber optic, which optimizes light conduction and minimizes loss from the source to its end, thus ensuring the highest possible light intensity at the tip.

The equipment possesses an advanced heatsink and cooling system, associated to an
overheating limiter, with thermal protection circuit and safety mode, which protects the device against overheating.

Another unique feature of the equipment is that it automatically stores the parameters of the last operation performed.
It boasts digital displays, both in the unit and in the base, making it easy to see the function in use.
For greater quality control, the LEDX - T 2400 has a built-in radiometer and automatic shut-off for energy saving.
Its design is ergonomic, modern, in addition to being very light and not having wires, which eases its use.

LEDX - T 2400 will provide much more efficiency and
versatility for your office!
Play on video and check out the advantages of LEDX - T 2400 Light Curing.


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