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Ice Clear

    Ice ClearIce Clear
Aesthetics within everyone's reach!

Ice Clear ceramic brackets do not wear out, are polycrystalline, translucent, biocompatible and do not lose their original color even in extremely aggressive environments.
They are made of polycrystalline aluminum oxide in a concentration greater than 99% and offer an excellent aesthetic result due to their translucency, besides providing comfort to the patient and a very effective mechanical result.
They are produced by an extremely efficient manufacturing process, which guarantees an excellent cost / benefit ratio, making it possible to bring Cosmetic Orthodontics to everyone.

- Mechanics: Brackets with twin designs, provide more efficient movement mechanics with reduced friction;
- Aesthetics: They offer excellent translucency and resistance to pigmentation;
- Comfort: Rounded contours and low profile;
- Retention and Adaptation: Anatomical base adapts perfectly to the contour of the teeth and offers excellent retention;
- Resistance: High resistance to fractures in the fins and hooks;
- Accuracy: presents accuracy in the precision of angles and torques;
- Finish: Smooth surface and super polished slot, offering a reduction in friction and guaranteeing the free movement of the arches even in conditions of great crowding.

Download the gluing manual here.


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