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Iceram SLB

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Superior aesthetics and mechanics in a single bracket!

Iceram SLB brackets are manufactured from the purest polycrystalline aluminum oxide in a concentration greater than 99%, resulting from cutting-edge sintering technology - enabling more accurate and comfortable forms. Iceram SLB features greater translucency, providing much desired invisibility, but with all the mechanical efficiency of a self-ligating bracket.
Its interactive clip goes through a rhodium coating process that imparts a whitish hue, similar to natural teeth color, ensuring the aesthetics required from a ceramic bracket.

• Outstanding aesthetics
• Do not stain and do not require the use of elastic ligatures
• Maintenance with longer intermissions.
• Combined aesthetics with remarkable mechanical results
• Facilitated oral hygiene
• Less pain and more comfort
• The brackets are pigmentation-resistant although the patient should also be informed to avoid certain habits such as smoking and drinking dyed beverages in order to provide a sense of invisibility throughout the treatment.

You in control of each treatment phase!

• Alignment and leveling
Round and square wires slide freely and smoothly, smoothly triggering the process of moving teeth while seeking bracket alignment and leveling.
• Case finishing
In this active phase, rectangular arch-wires enable the finishing of cases, the uprighting of roots, with lesser risk of root resorption and improved torque and rotational control.

Download the gluing manual here.
Play on video and check out the advantages of Iceram SLB.


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