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Modular Elastics

    Modular Elastics
Maximum Clinical Efficiency
The Orthometric modular elastics are manufactured in a unique design that facilitates the application of the ligatures and their adaptation to the bracket fins;
It exhibit excellent elasticity, keeping it strength active for more time and meeting all equirements of memory and resistance to provide a treatment with efficiency and quality.
Cross contamination

It is presented in modules with 22 ligatures allowing the individualization of the product and preventing against possible cross-infection;
Aesthetic Treatments
For aesthetic treatments, the line offers 3 different colors: Crystal, Pearl and Pearl Blue, all of them have excellent resistance to pigmentation and provide the desired invisibility in aesthetic treatments.
Latex Allergic Patients
As it is produced with polyurethane, a synthetic elastomer, it do not cause allergies in patients sensitive to natural latex.
National Production

Orthometric elastic ligatures are produced in your factory in Marília, using cutting-edge technology  and a research center where several quality tests are done, always thinking of guaranteeing the best product with the best cost-benefit.

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