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Sequence of Arches for Self-ligating Brackets

    Sequence of Arches for Self-ligating Brackets Sequence of Arches for Self-ligating Brackets
Basically, orthodontic treatment with self-ligating systems can be divided into four stages: Initial, Intermediate, Work and Finishing.
The arcs of each stage should be selected according to the established objectives for each phase.

Always thinking of easing the day-to-day practice of orthodontic professionals, Orthometric has launched the Sequence of Arches for Self-Ligating Brackets and the Sequence of Aesthetic Arches for Self-Ligating Brackets.

Both kits contain 6 pairs of distinct arches models which can be used in the four phases of

• Flexy NiTi Copper ALX (Esthetic Rhodium)
0.014 "| 0.018 "| 0.014 "x 0.025" | 0.017 "x 0.025"

• Flexy NiTi Super Elastic ALX (Esthetic Rhodium)
0.019 "x 0.025"

• Steel Orthometric SS (Esthetic Rhodium)
0.019 "x 0.025"

The whole sequence of aesthetic Arches receives a layer of noble metal Rhodium, thus ensuring a whitish touch similar to tooth color, they are an outstanding option for self-ligating ceramic treatments, in which aesthetic and mechanical requirements are essential. Another asset of the aesthetic arches’ line is that they neither undergo alteration of color, nor desquamations.
• Reduction in the value of the investment;
• All Orthometric-quality arches;
• More practicality, less waste.

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